Brett Boyd

Award-winning music composer & sound designer in Nashville, TN

Portfolio Highlights


1st Place in Best Animation Original Score, 2nd Place in Best Animation Sound Design

2023 – short film – classical / bluegrass score – sound design – sound mix

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Responsible for all audio in the film, I worked with the Lipscomb class of ’24 Animation students to bring Arco to life, the violin-playing mouse who discovers the magic of bluegrass music.

I composed the score, created parts for the live violin and harmonica players, hired the musicians, and recorded the music, in addition to handling all sound design, mixing, and mastering.

Arco was awarded Best Animation Film, Best Animation Screenplay, Audience Choice for Animation, Best Animation Original Score, and 2nd Place in Animation Sound Design at Lipscomb University’s 5-Minute Film Festival.


2022 – videogame – minimalist, hybrid electronic score – sound design – audio mix

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Bringing the minimalist and understatedly chaotic world of (square) to life was a great challenge! Using a unique blend of acoustic instruments and synthesizers, I created the music score and the sound design, while also handling all mixing/mastering. Yet again, I managed to be a one-stop shop for audio, with incredible results!

(sqaure)- Steam page

Soundtrack (Spotify)

Soundtrack (Apple Music)

Lipscomb Studio Orchestra playing the score along to the film

They’ve Been Waiting For You

Awarded Best Composer (Honorable Mention)

2022 – short film – orchestral score – orchestration – conducting

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Collaborating with fellow composer Kaleb Clarke, we wrote, recorded, and mixed the film score. 

Additionally, for the Film Score Concert, we revisited the piece’s orchestration, created all sheet music, and assembled the audio session for the live concert– additionally, I conducted a chunk of the orchestra rehearsals myself.

The film also won the Best Composer (Honorable Mention) and Best Fiction Short (Honorable Mention) awards in the American Golden Picture International Film Festival!

Collision Course

3rd Place in Best Original Score, nominee for Best Sound Design

2022 – short film – synth sci-fi score – sound design – dialogue edit – audio mix​

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I used the power of music and the magic of sound design to create a believable, engrossing sci-fi atmosphere while simultaneously providing context and narrative motion.

In addition to creating the score and sound design, I also prepared the full audio mix for the film. I was able to utilize my skills to be a one-stop shop for audio!

What I can help you with:

Music score

A professional score that gives your project emotion and impact.

Sound design

Detailed sounds that help your world feel alive and believable.

Audio mix

Careful balancing that ensures immersion and quality.

Why choose me?

I don’t just write music…

I make sure every part of your experience is as professional as possible.

Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Professional quality sound
  • Live studio musicians
  • Clear communication
  • Simple file delivery
  • On time and under budget


Caleb Mueller

director – Collision Course

It’s been an experience that really elevates the films that I work on!

I’d never worked with a composer before, but I gave Brett the examples of the things I saw in my head, and he was able to take these aspects and translate them to music.

Brennan Cottrell

developer – (square)

It has been great collaborating with Brett, and I hope to do it again!

Brett went above and beyond what I even asked… it added so much to the game!

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